The Beginner’s Guide to Upright Frame Drumming

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The Beginner’s Guide to Upright Frame Drumming is my attempt to fill a void in the area of frame drum methods that are available. Having played frame drum for more than a decade, it was always a struggle to find any sort of method books to help hone my skills. Then, when I first began teaching others, I was at a loss for materials to provide beginning students. As a result, I created a curriculum for frame drum study and began writing out exercises and etudes to aid my students in their learning. This book is the product of that work. The text is divided into five lessons that are intended to benefit the beginning frame drummer in developing the skills needed to perform upright frame drum. Each lesson isolates a specific technique and begins with a brief description of the technique being studied. This is followed by practice notes, exercises to develop the technique, and an etude for performing the technique in a real music situation (beginning in Lesson 2.) Included are recommended lesson plans for both a single semester and also a full academic year of study. The method book concludes with a solo that encompasses all the techniques learned from the five lessons, as well as a duet for added fun. Enjoy! -Richard J. Henson, Jr.

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Instrumentation: frame drum



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