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This collection of multiple percussion solos represents a small sampling of the talent and creativity found on the artist and education roster of Black Swamp Percussion. For this project, each composer was asked to write music that not only demonstrated their compositional voice, but also incorporated instruments offered by Black Swamp Percussion. The character and nature of these solos cover a range of styles, genres, and levels of complexities, and are intended to appeal to performers of varied levels of skill and aptitude; essentially, music that speaks to everyone.

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While standing on its own as a collection of multiple percussion solos, this project was also intended to “give back” to the percussion community. All the composers featured here have agreed to waive their royalty rights and, instead, donate their royalty payments to Black Swamp Percussion. In turn, for the life of this publication, a portion of the proceeds from each collection sold will be donated to Black Swamp Percussion, to be used as an annual “scholarship.” These scholarships, chosen each year by the Black Swamp Percussion staff, will be updated and showcased on their website:

Thank you for purchasing this collection, and for “paying it forward,” ensuring that the positive effects of music extend beyond the performance stage. Enjoy the music!

*NOTE: To access and download the soundscape for Dixon Uses All The Tricks by Scott Deal, use the following link:


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