The Light and Dark Pack

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The Light and Dark Pack is a set of two pieces for beginning Percussion Ensemble. Happy Go Lucky is built upon a simple tune set in F-major and evokes images of a child’s music box that is coupled with interludes of percussive material from the drums and cymbal. Ghost March is a playful tune that is set in a march-like style, driven by snare drum and cymbal, that also carries elements of mischief as the melodic material is anchored in e-minor. If desired, this music can be performed with five players instead of seven. If being performed by five players, feel free to eliminate the bottom two parts: suspended cymbal and cowbell/sandblocks.

**For the PHYSICAL COPY version, there will be an additional $15 to reflect costs for printing/shipping/handling.


7 players:

Difficulty: easy

bells, xylophone, snare drum, 2 toms, bass drum, suspended cymbal, sandblocks + cowbell

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8.5 x 11 in

For the PHYSICAL COPY version, $15 price difference reflects costs for printing/shipping/handling.

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