School Out Loud: A Rhythmic Musical

$650.00 Including Sales Tax

School Out Loud is an original musical that has its roots in music featuring body percussion and found instruments. Lasting between 30-40 minutes, School Out Loud will engage your cast members/students and your audience in the art of creating music through clapping, snapping, and tapping on buckets, boxes, cups, brooms, and basketballs. Your School Out Loud performers play along with tracks featuring all-original music based in the genres of rock, jazz, funk, electronic dance music, and Latin music. Additionally, each portion of the musical features a lesson on the musical genre and its geographic origins, which can also be used in the classroom throughout the school year. To accommodate members of various musical skill levels, all of the musical performance parts are easily learned, labeled with memorable names, and do not contain rhythms more complex than sixteenth-notes. To further ease the process of learning and rehearsing, audio time stamps, measure numbers, and number of counts (beats) are labeled for each musical section within a scene.




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