April Sun

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This piece came to me one day when I was improvising at the marimba. I played the opening theme and it stuck, so I decided to make it a large section of the piece. For the “B” section of the piece, I did what composers throughout history have done: I stole from myself. The “B” section material is derived from the main theme of the last section of my piece “Words Unspoken,” just in a different setting. When I wrote the piece, it was April, and the sun was shining.   -Andy Harnsberger

**For the PHYSICAL COPY version, there will be an additional $15 to reflect costs for printing/shipping/handling.


Solo Keyboard

Difficulty: medium-advanced


Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8.5 x 11 in

For the PHYSICAL COPY version, $15 price difference reflects costs for printing/shipping/handling.

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