In Cogni – Brad Meyer


Written for solo snare drum and spoken voice, “In Cogni” challenges the performer’s artistic expression in a solo setting, melding poetry and sonic interpretation. With the original poetry provided, the performer is to speak the text in any order and in any combination of the following ways: soft, loud, regular, dramatic, whispered, slow, fast, etc. The text lines can be read in any order, but each line must be read in its entirety. One, multiple, or all lines of the text may be read for the performance.

The snare drum should be performed in one or any combination of the following ways: exact rhythm matching the text, accompanimental rhythm in relation or contrast to the text, or tacet. The performer can also perform snare drum interludes between lines as well. The length of snare drum interludes should be rather short as to not be a complete departure from the text of the piece. Recommended performance length is between 4′ and 10′ and is up to the discretion of the performer.


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