Get ready to join the 2021 Ox and Lamb Music Club!

For one price, you will receive THREE brand-new percussion solo pieces from three composers: Andrea Venet, Michael Burritt, and Dame Evelyn Glennie, delivered straight to your inbox as a PDF.

Each solo will be between 5’00” – 8’00” minutes in length and written at an “intermediate difficulty level” (Advanced High School – Early University)

These solos will ONLY be available through the Ox and Lamb Music Club, and will ONLY be available from January 1, 2021 – December 31, 2021. After 2021, the solos will be gone.

Release dates:

January, 2021 – Strobilanthes for vibraphone by Andrea Venet

May, 2021 – Blue Smoke for marimba by Michael Burritt

September, 2021 – Going Home for marimba by Dame Evelyn Glennie

The cost to join the club is only $45, which gets you ALL THREE SOLOS. Spread the word and JOIN THE CLUB! Doors are open NOW!


BSP Collective is here!

BSP COLLECTIVE 2 Title Graphic

This collection of multiple percussion solos represents a small sampling of the talent and creativity found on the artist and education roster of Black Swamp Percussion. For this project, each composer was asked to write music that not only demonstrated their compositional voice, but also incorporated instruments offered by Black Swamp Percussion. The character and nature of these solos cover a range of styles, genres, and levels of complexities, and are intended to appeal to performers of varied levels of skill and aptitude; essentially, music that speaks to everyone.